Hello, I am Emma b!

Wedding Planner & Designer


Based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Welcome to my journey, I am Emma B. I grew up in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. These hills taught me how to live a life full of adventure and courage. ​I started my business at 20 years of age and have been growing alongside it since. Passion and love are the root of my existence and are the only reasons I still reside in the Whites of N.H.

I'm a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things pretty, especially when they are pink! I have a real knack for organizing itty bitty details and thrive in high-stress environments, which is one of the reasons I look forward to wedding day. I adore the inside jokes, the side smiles, and the vibrant connections that my clients find in one another. I am blessed to have found a profession that allows me to make personal connections with all of my clients and to do so in a celebratory setting.

Let's plan your party!